Call for Contributions

Issue Three: Incarceration

Levels of incarceration in Aotearoa continue to climb, even as levels of reported offending continue to fall. The normalisation of punishment is accompanied by the self-congratulatory narcissism of those who occupy the upper tiers of our society. Within the domain of public policy, the desire to punish passes as a pragmatic moralism required for the purposes of good governance. This set of inter-related phenomena also demands explanation and response.

Counterfutures seeks, for its third issue, the submission of papers which address the matters of punishment, incarceration, and their alternatives. What trends are evident in the use of incarceration? With what effects? How might the seemingly entrenched culture of punishment be explained? What prospects hold for reformist and abolitionist responses to the enmeshing of punishment, incarceration, and public policy? In addition to papers on this theme, general submissions are also welcome.

Papers submitted on or before November 15 will be considered for publication. See our submission guidelines.