Social Movements, Resistance and Social Change III

The academic and activist interface

Third annual conference and social change forum

Counterfutures Journal was very proud to have hosted this conference, held at Victoria University of Wellington on 1-3 September 2016.

Conference proceedings will be posted on this page in the coming months, and a special issue of Counterfutures dedicated to the conference will appear in late 2017 or early 2018.

  • Programme

    The conference programme has now been finalised, and is available here.

    (Updated 30 August)

  • Abstracts

    Abstracts for conference presentations are available here.

    (Updated 30 August)

Please note that registrations are now closed.

Existing structures of power, exploitation and inequality are not inevitable, and there are many existing alternative visions and emerging possibilities for organising life. Social Movements, Resistance and Social Change III seeks to support these alternatives and possibilities by questioning the apparent divide between the academy and activism, and seeking to move beyond it.

We intend to highlight the diverse and productive spaces where academia and activism intersect, exploring points of contestation and difference, and asking how we can cooperate better in future. By drawing together people from across the academic-activist spectrum, this conference will create a forum for presentations, workshops, performances, exhibitions and debate to explore change.

This conference explicitly seeks to advance social and environmental justice, economic democracy and mutual respect. In this spirit, we seek to realise two key aims:

  1. To strengthen existing ties within and between activism and academia, as well as developing new relationships.
  2. To work together toward the development of concrete programmes for social change.

Conference Partnerships

  1. Economic and Social Research Aotearoa (ESRA). The conference is being run in conjunction with the public launch of ESRA, a left-wing think tank whose inception illustrates the fruitful exchange taking place between activists and academics today.
  2. Counterfutures: Left Thought and Practice Aotearoa. Counterfutures will invite presenters to submit ‘activist interventions’, or scholarly articles (to be double-blind peer reviewed), toward a special issue to be published in 2017.
  3. JustSpeak.
  4. New Zealand Council of Trade Unions.
  5. School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington.
  6. School of Social and Cultural Studies, Victoria University of Wellington.
  7. Common Sense Organics.
  8. New Zealand Public Service Association.

With support from Peoples Coffee and Garage Project.