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    • We preview a topical piece, forthcoming in Counterfutures 10: Murray Edmond on Auckland's inner-city monuments.
      • Watch Them Closely: Auckland's Inner-City Monuments
        Murray Edmond's performance writing on Auckland's monuments. What gets commissioned, created and installed in the name of the public? We have released this piece early in response to public disputes about monuments.
    • Issue nine is a special issue on the question of housing in Aotearoa New Zealand. We draw together a range of views on the housing crisis, including decolonising and community engagement perspectives, a call for universal state housing, and investigations of the cooperative housing movement. Also included here are three online only responses to the Covid-19 crisis.
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      • A Case for Universal State Housing, Vanessa Cole
        Universal state housing as a practical solution to Aotearoa New Zealand’s trenchant housing crisis. Affordable, secure, and decommodified housing for all.
      • Re-socialising Aotearoa New Zealand Housing, Mark Southcombe
        A vision for a 21st-century cooperative-housing model for Aotearoa New Zealand. Cooperative housing as a third way between ownership and renting.
      • Engaging Communities in the Design of Homes and Neighbourhoods, Rebecca Kiddle
        Reflections on best practice for community engagement in urban-redevelopment projects. Empowering communities through effective, meaningful, and culturally relevant engagement processes.
      • Dispossession and Gentrification in the Porirua Redevelopment, Jasmine Taankink & Hugo Robinson
        An account of the Porirua regeneration project from Housing Action Porirua. Community resistance to state-led gentrification.
      • Spatial Justice — Decolonising Our Cities and Settlements, Jade Kake
        An argument for urban-planning reform and spatial justice. Implementing the kāinga model as practical decolonisation.
      • Driving Through the East, Elyjana Roach
        Reflections on effective community-engagement practices in Porirua. To provide suitable housing and neighbourhoods for Pasifika, architects and urban planners must expand their cultural kete.
      • Envisioning Regenerative Communities, Camia Young & Thomas Nash
        Interviewed by Dylan Taylor, Camia Young and Thomas Nash imagine a new era of regenerative urban design.
      • Setting the Scenes of Early Pākehā, Peter Howland
        Review of Ian Smith, Pākehā Settlements in a Māori World. The archaeology of early colonial settlements in Aotearoa told in five phases.
      • A Global Fix, Jack Foster
        Review of Raquel Rolnik, Urban Warfare. A global panorama of housing policy in the era of footloose financial capital.
      • The Path Home, Damian Sligo-Green
        Review of Samuel Stein, Capital City. A critical account of the age of real-estate capital and the transformation of the city.