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    • In issue 5 of Counterfutures, we present a series of articles on the relationship between art and politics. Cassandra Barnett on how art can navigate between Left and Indigenous identities; Amy Howden-Chapman interviewing Huhana Smith on responses to climate change from a Māori perspective; Fiona Jack on the underrepresentation of women in the art world; and Matariki Williams on the need for more critical writing on Māori art. We also have an interview with the Mata Aho art collective, and zine pages from Bryce Galloway. In other articles, Jonathan Oosterman examines approaches to communicating for systemic change, and Georgia Lockie presents an argument to decolonise constitutionalism. Jenny Ombler and Sarah Donovan, in a web-only publication, discuss the radical potential of transdisciplinarity in artistic responses to public health issues. See also book reviews of new books by Steve Matthewman and Prue Hyman.
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      • It burns, Cassandra Barnett
      • Presenting it, proclaiming it: Using art to present place-based climate knowledge, Amy Howden-Chapman
      • Issues of representation, Fiona Jack
      • The continuum, the river: On the need for critical writing on Māori art, Matariki Williams
      • Zines and politics, Bryce Galloway
      • Matthewman Disasters, risks, and revelations: Making sense of our times, reviewed by Raven Cretney
      • Hyman Hopes dashed? The economics of gender inequality, reviewed by Karen Davis